There are a great number of investments that guarantee different rates of return but they carry certain risks. But notwithstanding the economic recessions, ups and downs of the world economy, real estate investments are rightly considered profitable. Moreover, there are many people who buy square meters exclusively for their own use, to provide decent living for family, including children and the older generation. This is why the purchase and sale of real estate in Kiev is relevant for different purposes.

What kind of housing is in demand

There are categories, for example, “economy”, “comfort”, “elite” and so on. They can be called differently, but they imply a certain level, to which a specific real estate unit, as well as the building itself, the adjacent territory and the infrastructure in the immediate vicinity must correspond. Elite real estate in Kiev for sale is also relevant, which implies certain standards. By “elite” you should not understand properties that has been built recently, literally in the previous years. On the contrary, there is a housing stock that dates back decades, and some of its buildings are historic ones. However, they fully correspond to the elite category. If you want to buy an apartment in the center of the Ukraine’s capital, you should take into consideration the following nuances:

  • It matters the number of floors in the building, the floor of the apartment, the presence of an elevator, a concierge, security. Once it was considered a luxury, but today it is a primary need to make people feel completely safe. The layout is taken into account. We can’t say that some layout will definitely be better. For example, the so-called “open plan design” has become fashionable recently, that is, the owner can create the space in accordance with his own wishes and preferences.
  • If the owner wants to sell an apartment or a house in Kiev, it is necessary to specify the category of the house, the total useful floor area, the specifics of infrastructure, the parking availability, the location of healthcare, educational facilities, financial and credit institutions and not only in the immediate vicinity.

Who should you contact us for help

Practice shows that a professional real estate agency is an additional guarantee of minimizing all possible risks. Yes, this segment attracts the attention of many unscrupulous private realtors or shell companies. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave it to chance. This also applies to cases when people are interested in commercial real estate in the city center: offices, shops, restaurants, freestanding buildings and other structures. It is also necessary to check the condition of utilities in the object itself, that affects the price. Concerning elite real estate, then the quality of not only the apartment, but also the building’s utilities, finishing of entrances and facades should be of high quality by default.

KievRentEstate offers convenient terms of cooperation, an abundance of options, including those related to the “elite” class. You can view the real estate objects of interest in the catalog, look at the photos that will clearly tell you about the quality, design features, interior design and finishing. If you approach the matter wisely, such an acquisition can be considered in several aspects at once: safety, comfort of living at the moment, a profitable investment with the prospect of a good sale in the future. Moreover, such square meters are also valued for the possibility of easy renting.

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