You often need high-quality retail spaces to develop your own business and attract investments. They do not necessarily have to be huge, with a large square footage and ceiling height, but they must ensure the full operation of a commercial enterprise and any business. Many people are interested in long-term lease of stores in Kiev, as the capital always promises more opportunities for entrepreneurs. As a rule, the term "long-term" refers to a lease that is concluded for a period of one year. But there are often situations when clients are looking for suitable buildings with longer-term prospects, for example, for at least three years.

What to consider when searching for suitable sites

There are dozens of factors that affect the cost. For example, the location, the technical condition, the ceiling height, even the parameters of window openings. Traditionally, the greatest demand is shown by the central districts, that is why leasing a retail space in the center of Kiev will always be in demand. If you contact a fair professional real estate agency, you will be provided with comprehensive assistance and advice. The nuances are as follows:

  • If you make a preliminary calculation, you should also take into account such factors as an accessible entrance/exit and the vehicular access.
  • It matters the floor, visual accessibility of the building.
  • The age, technical condition of the utilities, finishing materials, equipment, etc. are of importance.

If the building was built several decades ago, it does not mean that its utility lines and general condition will be poor. And, on the contrary, not every modern office and retail building will be comfortable, eco-friendly and convenient.

It is necessary to clearly understand the competitive advantages and specifics of the target audience, that is, buyers and service receivers who will be interested in the business. If you are interested in commercial real estate in the long term, then the reputation of the leaseholder also plays a significant role. This is quite a painstaking work, that implies the need of gathering information from open and other sources. You need to find out reviews, take into account the rating and analyze judicial and law enforcement practices.

Competent approach to business

There are really many nuances, so acting on your own, you risk not taking into account some points that may be brought to light later. However, it will be possible to find a suitable boutique in the center of Kiev for a long-term lease, if you ask for help from specialists, for example, from "KievRentEstate". This is not just a real estate agency, but a specialized company that also works with representatives of small, medium and large businesses.

Commercial properties imply the possibility of renting for a long time, leasing with a purchase option is also possible. Sometimes it is advisable to consider the possibility of sublease, that is, the right of tenants to rent out part of the premises. Of course, with the consent of the owner and with the introduction of the relevant conditions in the contract.

Sometimes entrepreneurs find it difficult to answer what kind of cooperation format they are interested in at the moment and whether they are interested, for example, in leasing now. That is why, you have to keep in mind the occurrence of such requests in the future when choosing various retail spaces.

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