Expanding a business often requires a new office space, which has to be functional and convenient for the employees. If you are looking to buy an office in Kiev, our company has a lot to offer.

Types of office spaces

Modern office premises can be subdivided into three types:

  • Open. Such spaces employ either mirrored office partitions or no partitions at all.
  • Closed. In such offices, employees occupy separate enclosed spaces.
  • Mixed. This type combines open spaces with closed rooms.

Selecting an office space: main criteria

Base your choice of office premises on the following criteria:

  1. Make sure of its full compliance with all statutes of the law. Otherwise, you will have to invest additional funds to recondition the building.
  2. Location is crucial. If you buy an office in the center of Kiev, this will contribute to your company's image, winning over many clients. For a small company that lacks the funds to buy an office in downtown, it is better to choose from the options on the outskirts of the capital or in residential districts.
  3. It is imperative to ensure an adequate level of comfort for your employees, as this affects their performance. Thus, you need an office space compliant with labor safety and ergonomics standards. It's also useful to have recreation rooms where your employees can relax and recharge.

Following these recommendations, you'll be able to find and buy an office space that fully meets your requirements.

Why use our services?

If you are interested in buying an office in Kiev, our real estate company is a great choice. We have extensive experience in this field and offer excellent conditions.

Choosing us, you can expect the following advantages:

  • A broad selection of offers. On our site, you can find commercial real estate for every purpose. You can sort the available offers by various criteria (location, price, area, etc.) to quickly find the most suitable one.
  • Security guarantee. KievRentEstate specialists will do everything in their power to ensure that your acquisition of office premises is secure and your interests and rights are protected. Our employees have vast experience and thorough knowledge of the law and commercial real estate.
  • Excellent service. Our employees are ready to provide consultations on all related matters, familiarize you with the details of office premises, and provide a full inspection of the site.
  • Reasonable prices. As of today, we rank among Kiev's best real estate agencies in terms of price-quality ratio.

If you wish to use our services, submit your contact information through our website, or simply call us.

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