Any metropolis or even a small city is ready to boast of bars, restaurants, cafes or just miniature canteens and fast food outlets. However, regardless of the concept, it is difficult to imagine the operation of such a business without a suitable building. That is why many first-time and advanced entrepreneurs are interested in leasing restaurants in Kiev on a long-term basis, that is, for several years. Of course, you need to take into account the specifics, for example, street food, fast food, home family cuisine, a bar with alcoholic beverages or eating establishments where chefs prepare food behind transparent glass in accordance with fashion trends. All this also makes impact on the requirements applicable directly to the objects.

Features of choosing a suitable location

Experts know that technical details should be taken into account. The operation of restaurants and bars implies a heavy load on the electrical grid, because stoves, ovens, hoods, microwave ovens and many other cooking appliances will work. However, if you need a long-term lease of bars and cafes in the center of Kiev, you can find a suitable option. Of course, in compliance with fire safety, sanitary-epidemiological, hygienic and other requirements.

The nuances are as follows:

First, you need to draw up terms of reference, work out a general concept. For example, the accent will be on regular fast food and beverages like tea and coffee, including coffee to go. A more complex option involves an eating establishment where customers will appreciate all the advantages of family cuisine, adherence to the traditions. Customers often can order beer and other drinks of own design on the menu. The visibility of the building must be taken into account. Ideally, an eating establishment should be clearly visible to both pedestrians and car drivers. Everything should be accessible, without a large number of steps, difficult turns. Of course, the specifics of parking are also considered. Practice shows that the great majority of customers in large cities prefer to come by their own cars or by taxi.

Everything for business organization

If you contact our specialized real estate agency that successfully works with both entrepreneurs and physical persons, corporate representatives, then even if there are a large number of high requirements, you will be able to find a suitable option. Today, commercial real estate for business is leased out directly in the center or in the so-called “remote center”, that is, at some distance. Sometimes this is the site that our clients choose, because it promises greater convenience for organizing parking spaces and providing convenient access ways. The building must be purposefully intended for public catering, which must be specified in the contract. There should be no restrictions, utility payments should be clear. Sometimes they are already included in the leasing fees, as specified in the contract.

The KievRentEstate specialists have a competent approach to the matter, they also study the history of the real estate object. For example, if a room seems attractive, but its history shows that it has stood idle for several previous years, this will be a reason to abandon it. In addition, it is important to compare the total and useful area, correctly calculate the number of seats, take into account passenger traffic in a specific location.

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