If you are interested in fast and safe options for long-term leasing of detached buildings in Kiev, contact the KievRentEstate real estate agency. We assign a personal manager to each client to provide assistance at all stages of choosing a building and concluding a contract.

What makes our offer unique

Long-term leasing of free-standing buildings for offices and supermarkets is renting the real estate unit for at least 12 months. When signing a lease contract for 3 years or longer, registration with the state authorities is required. If you do not wish to undergo the registration, the contract can be signed for 35 months and subsequently renewed as many times as necessary. For example, if you sign a long-term lease for a business center, you don't have to worry that the owner might raise the rent price. The size of the monthly payment is specified in the contract. The building owner can neither change it unilaterally nor break the agreement before its expiration. Either a natural person or a legal entity can be the building owner.

Take into account the purpose of the free-standing building when making your choice. In our catalog, you can find buildings for commercial or industrial purposes, for food and drink venues, salons, showrooms, and offices. We can also offer buildings of “general” or “mixed” purposes.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Long-term leasing of detached buildings in Kyiv is truly beneficial for commercial companies and government organizations, consulates, and embassies. Its distinctive advantages are:

  1. Lower real estate rent price. On average, long-term leases are 10% more affordable than short-term rentals;
  2. The size of the monthly payments is fixed. It cannot be raised as a result of inflation or currency rate fluctuations;
  3. The building is guaranteed to be at your disposal for the required period, giving you a sure footing for your business development plans;
  4. Owners may provide discounts when you sign a lease for several years;
  5. You can find lease offers with a purchase option.

To reiterate: if either party wants to terminate the agreement, they must have compelling grounds or the other party's consent. Possible disadvantages to note: the complexity of early contract termination; more often than not, you have to pay for the first and last months; the mandatory force majeure insurance.

Detached Buildings for long-term rent

Our agency offers free-standing buildings on the red line, in the central and residential districts. Buildings can have:

  • Adjacent territory;
  • Communication systems;
  • Legal address;
  • Car parking;
  • Security, video surveillance systems;
  • Elevator with multi-ton load-bearing capacity;
  • Central air conditioning system;
  • Furnished office spaces;
  • Loft;
  • Fire escape route;
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows;
  • Meeting room;
  • Recent renovations;
  • WC facilities;
  • Built-in kitchen.

Please note: there are lease offers for both a whole free-standing building and a single floor or room (may have a separate entrance).

If you have questions or need a detailed consultation, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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