It is very profitable and pleasant to have your own restaurant business. Constructing and opening such an eating establishment from scratch is a long and labour intensive process. To avoid all the initial stages, you should contact a real estate agency that already has a list of commercial properties for sale. Today many companies sell restaurants in Kiev. However, not all of them can offer you the best deal terms.

In the cafes and restaurants of the capital of Ukraine there will always be a traffic of customers who want to spend their time in a cozy place. From time to time, their owners put their establishments up for sale for various reasons. Some of them change the field of activity, others leave the capital. A completely new commercial property may appear on sale, as well as an established firm.

Our catalog includes a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars for sale in Kiev, which you can see at any time. This is much more convenient and faster than looking for the right room yourself.

What affects the cost

The price range of commercial restaurant real estate is very wide. Its declared value is strongly influenced by:

  • condition of the building (new build or operating);
  • type of establishment (small bars, cozy cafes or pompous restaurants);
  • location area;
  • the desire of the owner.

It is obvious that buying a restaurant in the center of Kiev will be much more expensive than on its outskirts. However, such costs are comparable to the expected profit. Purchasing a commercial property in the most visited place in the city is profitable and prestigious.

Some feature

One of the key cost factors is the location of the building. Restaurants and other food establishments in the center of the capital are in high demand among foreign tourists and people with good incomes. They never sell cheap. The cost of other objects is affected by the distance from the metro, transport interchange and traffic.

When purchasing an existing restaurant or cafe, it is important to take into account its concept and compare it with the wants of its guests. You may have to change everything after the purchase and build up new customers. Before starting a transaction, you should personally visit the object, carefully inspect it and find out all the nuances associated with it.

Provided services

You can sell or buy a restaurant or cafe by contacting KievRentEstate. Our real estate agency guarantees the security of the transaction, which will be beneficial to both parties. Clients are provided with a complete database of currently available objects in accordance with the requests. That is why, it is important to immediately determine your budget. Owners of cafes and restaurants, working with our company, will save themselves from a long search for purchaser.

We are a professional commercial real estate agency. Therefore, all legal transactions are accompanied by our specialists, who seal the deal correctly and quickly. After the transaction, you will receive a full package of documentation for the purchased restaurant, cafe or bar. Operations are carried out without risk and in accordance with all legal requirements. Do not miss the best time of selling or buying a profitable business.

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